Alexia Avina

Betting on an Island

all songs written and recorded by Alexia Avina in 2015 *
mixed and produced by Nick Schofield
mastered by Evan Tighe
ukulele, guitar, samples and voice - Alexia Avina
bass - Pablo Duran
cello - Justin Wright
synth, drums, and electronics - Nick Schofield
cover art - Miriam Brellenthin
'X' recorded by Molly Morgan

big thanks to the plant and Noah <3
special thanks to SPLV

when I walk I try to keep
my mind warm with a swarm of every reverie

when you walk along the edge I feel untied
it burns faster once lit
I set my feet upon the mattress and close the blinds

would you comb my hair slowly and blow it dry
it's a walk to go between our houses but I don't mind

yes I can be a glove
it may hurt a little
but not enough
and I knew it would

feeling all the time like a graveyard in disguise
I've made up my mind
resurrect me till I'm kind

and I knew it would
and I know we should
and I knew it couldn't

I'm not afraid to try
to swim into the deeper side
of this sentimental breed
of truth and other things that hide
she was the only one I had
and I couldn't hold her back

I was walking to the water
wasn't talking, swallowed harder
oh, I am bad

look at me
I feel all of the things I do in the way you move
we could be happy
if the sun could leave the moon
oh I need you to
speak slowly
I'm not ready to be lonely
I'm not ready to be
a freak, hold me
I've been holding this dream closely
I'm all too sure of what it means

don't you ever worry
about all of the things you lack
it isn't your problem
to be all of the words you keep in tact

don't you give
into the ethos
don't you swim
through the ethos

do you think I'm stupid
I'm not all of the things
I want to be
but now I'm not the only
the only one of us who can't relax