Alexia Avina




photos by Miriam Brellenthin

It’s sometimes acoustic, sometimes electronic, often layered and always exceedingly lush. Betting On An Island is a cohesive soundscape that beckons listeners closer, and once you’ve listened to it a couple of times you’ll feel as if you’re sharing a secret....


photos by Miriam Brellenthin

Experimental folk singer/songwriter Alexia Avina has announced the details of her new album Unearth, out on Oct. 9 via Lost Map and Topshelf Records....

Goldflake paint

photos by alexia avina and miriam brellenthin

Glacial and spacious, the track’s considered swell is mesmerising throughout, a reminder of her distinct talent and a captivating foundation to launch her brand new chapter....


photos by Miriam Brellenthin

“‘Fit Into’ is about the wish to shapeshift oneself into the mould of another person’s desires,” she comments. “At the time of writing, I knew that this was an unworthy aspiration to hold myself to, but I wanted to write a song that tapped into that space of inner longing to be someone else, rather than from an angle of self-judgement.”...